FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


We are a French company that imports Korean and Asian clothing and accessories all around the world for K-POP enthusiasts. We are a team of enthusiasts who offer content on our Instagram and Blog.

At this time, we are not recruiting any new employees.

If you love blogging, you can also join our team of passionate writers by sending us a message on Instagram.


The vast majority of our products come directly from Asia and in particular from China and South Korea.

We have a team in charge of import to US, UK and Australia, to guarantee you products sold in South Korea.

At KoreanxWear, clothes are in Asian sizes.

To choose your size, you should refer to the Size Chart available in the Size Guide (under each item).

Often, you need to take one size larger than your usual size.


The average delivery time is 7 to 14 working days in general.

Depending on the time of the year, there may be a delay on your package. If this is your case, contact us for more information.

Don't worry, this is quite rare and if it happens to you, our team will always find a solution.

If it is a small delay, we recommend you to wait a few more days.

If your package is still not there after a few days, contact us and explain the situation.


If your package did not arrive, we will offer you a return or a refund.

Our customer service by email will always offer you solutions, because at KoreanxWear, we want the satisfaction of all our customers.

You can return your package within 14 days after your order.

The customer is in charge of returning the package and will receive a coupon to spend on the KoreanxWear website.